What is SSR? Why Do We Use It?

Maximize Your Solvent Recovery with SSR

During the cook-down process in any distillation system, there becomes a point in which enough solvent is pulled from the solid waste that it becomes dry and will not come out of the distillation vessel. In order to remove the waste from the bottom of the distillation system, a small amount of solvent must be left behind. Due to the cost of the photopolymer washout solvent, clients prefer to recycle as much as possible.

The patented process in the PlateVac™ injects SSR into the distillation unit at a certain point during the cook-down process. The SSR is a very high boiling liquid that will stay in the chamber to keep the waste flowable while the extra solvent is pulled from the solid waste. This allows users to recover up to 97% of the solvent, compared to other standard systems that may approach 85 to 90%.

Need to Order SSR™? We can help.

Our team can assist you in calculating the right amount of SSR to meet your production needs, and can deliver it just in time. We can drop ship directly to you, at the quantity and frequency you require.

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