The 120 – 344 liter sliding front circular chamber autoclave is available in five chamber sizes. Loading access is through a sliding door meaning the unit requires less operational floor space than a hinged door unit. The door can be specified with manual operation, or automatic when combined with the air compressor option or an external air supply.

A standard circular-section sliding door sterilizer is fitted with heaters in the base of the chamber and is ideal for sterilizing liquids (media), discard, glassware and other instruments. Advanced options such as the Integral Steam Generator, External Jacket and choice of Vacuum can be added to customize the unit for many other applications such as sterilizing liquids, fabrics and other porous-type loads.

Direct steam models are available at no extra cost.

📄 Model: U-MNS120C Heaters in chamber (120 liters)
📄 Model: U-MNS153C Heaters in chamber (153 liters)
📄 Model: U-MNS247C Heaters in chamber (247 liters)
📄 Model: U-MNS290C Heaters in chamber (290 liters)
📄 Model: U-MNS344C Heaters in chamber (344 liters)

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