FlexoKing FT Dispensing System

FT: Flexible Tank

  • Standard dispensing up to 70 base materials and/or colorants
  • Easily expandable dispensing head
  • Automatic valve head cleaning
  • Batch dispensing or in-can tinting
  • Floor weighing scale or integrated in a height adjustable roll conveyor or swing arm construction
  • Special dispensing head construction makes it possible to dispense in containers with small sizes

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FlexoKing CD Dispensing System

CD: Compact Dispensing

  • Batch dispensing or in-can tinting
  • Dispensing up to 28 base materials and/or colorants.
  • Circular or linear type dispensing head depending on container sizes
  • Air operated diaphragm pumps or frequency controlled electrical pumps
  • Compact stainless steel frame
  • Windows-based dispensing software with inventory control, reports and management system, etc.

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