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Segment Tank

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batch dispensing versus in-can tinting

Available in Batch Dispensing or In-Can Tinting

Gemini by PRI Dispensing Systems are available in either batch dispensing or in-can tinting. Systems are suitable for all types of installations, from large batches (up to 6,000 kg) or small volumes (1 L containers).

Batch Dispensing means that the various individual components are dispensed into large batches, mixed, and connected to a Filling System to be accurately placed into the final sales packaging. Batch Dispensing is a great solution for users who already have a Filling System or prefer larger homogenized dispensed batches for their material.

In-Can Tinting means that various individual components are dispensed directly into the sales packaging. This method bypasses the need to produce a large batch or for a dedicated Filling System. It also eliminates the need for regularly cleaning the mixing vessel(s) and Filling System after each product change.

batch dispensing versus in-can tinting

Paints, Coatings, Inks & Chemicals

Gemini dispensing systems for the paint and coatings industry can combine product storage, dispensing, logistic systems and mixing / shaking. Gemini has developed some typical dispensing machines (ColorKing RT, SegmentTank, FlexoKing CD, FlexoKing FT) that may suit your specific needs, but also manufactures other systems. All Gemini dispensing systems are able to produce large batches and/or small volumes in the range between approx. 1 kg up to 3,000 kg.

The Gemini dispensing systems are also available in explosion-proof models, and can dispense paints, coatings, base materials and additives all on one weighing scale or on multiple weighing scales to achieve a higher output. Gemini systems are mainly used in-plant, but are also suitable for end users. Due to their long-term experience in the paint and coatings industry, Gemini has the knowledge to dispense very low viscosity products as well as high viscosity products.


The concrete industry is another market where Gemini has successfully introduced dispensing systems for liquid pigment pastes. Concrete manufacturers of colored paving cubes, for example, are changing from powder pigments to liquid pigments to reduce costs and improve accuracy. With a higher accuracy, the number of colorants can be reduced in order to create the same color scheme.

The concrete industry further requires robust dispensing machines in order to withstand vibrations and dust. Thanks to special pump and valve design, this dispensing machine is very reliable and long lasting, even with highly abrasive pigments.

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