Benchtop Range

33 - 63 L (Drying or Standard)

Top Loading Range

63 Compact, 95 - 135 L

Front Loading

120 - 344 L

Sliding Front Circular

120 - 344 L


125 - 360 L


109, 249, 430 L


125 - 1400 L

Double Door SQUARE

250 - 1200 L

Sink EDS Combo

Autoclave - Sink - EDS

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Case Study: Barts Cancer Institute

St. Bartholomew’s Hospital in London is one of the oldest and most famous hospitals in the world with a history of pioneering medical research that stretches back 900 years. That innovative research also continues to this day nearby at Barts Cancer Institute – a Cancer Research UK Centre of Excellence.

The work of the institute’s laboratories is supported behind the scenes by two new specially adapted Astell Scientific 735 litre square chamber autoclaves, which provide a vital decontamination and sterilization service...

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Case Study: Vets Now

Vets Now is best known for providing out-of hours and holiday emergency cover for its membership of small animal veterinary practices. They operate from 54 clinics and emergency hospitals across the UK and provide services to more small animal practices than anyone else in the UK.

But the company also has two world class Emergency & Specialty facilities, one in Glasgow and one in Swindon, with a third opening in Manchester in November 2016...

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