Large-Scale, High Solids Solvent Recycling System

The LSR™ Solvent Distillation system is the largest single-stage solvent distillation system in the industry. The LSR™ allows you to recover large quantities of waste solvent containing high solids content, reducing waste and cost.

Maximize Solvent Recovery:

  • cut virgin solvent purchase volumes
  • reclamation rates as much as 90%
  • reduce hazardous waste disposal volume
  • units typically pay for themselves in a few months

Reduced Environmental Impact & Increased Safety:

  • reduce the risks associated with large volumes of hazardous waste
  • reduce your facility’s environmental footprint

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Durable, Reliable, and Protected

PRI 10 Year Standard Limited Warranty

PRI solvent recovery systems carry the lowest life-cycle cost in the industry; over 75% of units sold in the last 15 years are still in service.

With proper care and maintenance, a PRI solvent recycling system can last for decades.  That’s why we’re not afraid to back it up with a 10-year limited warranty on the distillation vessel.  With PRI, you can trust that your solvent distillation system will be running for years to come.

Designed for More Solids!

Steeper Cone-Shaped Vessel Distributes Solids Efficiently

The inside of the LSR™ solvent recycler features a steep cone-shaped vessel, which enables the most efficient reclamation of solvent from heavily solids-laden waste streams; this allows for a more efficient transfer of heat.  The conical shape places the heat transfer source closer, and covers a larger contact area of the solvent mass.

As waste solvent is fed at the top of the cone, a steam jacket heats the cone, and the waste. The cone shape allows for a better transfer of heat throughout the vessel, and more solvent recovery from the waste stream.

Long-Term, Consistent Output

Scraper Blade Assembly

The LSR solvent recovery system is designed for maximum efficiency. Our patented scraper blade assembly:

  • cleans the heat transfer surface of sludge buildup for high efficiency
  • all the heat transfer area below the liquid operation level is cleaned
  • solids are rolled off the side walls and down into the conical bottom, speeding up the solvent distillation process
  • gently agitates and mixes the contents of the distillation vessel

Available Models:


 LSR-80 1544 L
(408 G)
422 L/h
(111 G/h)
3629 kg
(8000 lbs)
 LSR-120  2419 L
(639 G)
 568 L/h
(150 G/h)
 4536 kg
(10000 lbs)
 LSR-160  5288 L
(1397 G)
 1007 L/h
(266 G/h)
 5443 kg
(12000 lbs)
 LSR-200  9024 L
(2384 G)
 1514 L/h
(400 G/h)
 6804 kg
(15000 lbs)

Closed-Loop Solvent Recycling

Spent solvent collection, distillation, and clean solvent holding. Directly integrated into your process.

Our solvent recovery systems are often incorporated into a complete closed-loop solvent management system, utilizing PRI’s specialized and custom-designed Clean and Dirty Solvent Tanks with feeds.

In a closed-loop process, waste solvent is collected in a Dirty Solvent Tank, then piped to a Distillation System to separate the contaminants. Then, contaminants are discarded and reusable solvent is automatically sent to a Clean Solvent Tank, which feeds your production process. PRI can engineer solvent management systems to support parts washing, paint lines or other manufacturing processes where solvents are used.

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