1 - 40 GPM


  • industrial waste streams
  • small footprint
  • batch neutralization

300 GPM Continuous


  • specially-designed for laboratory waste streams
  • multi-stage neutralization
  • custom designs to 10,000 GPM or more

40 - 1,000 GPM


  • highly acidic, highly alkaline waste streams
  • large batch neutralization

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Custom pH Neutralization Solutions

For process needs or for discharge regulations.

From small, compact solutions (100 – 2000 Liters per Day) to production facility solutions (over 750 Liters per Minute), PRI can design a system to meet your specific performance and space requirements, and comply with industry standards. PRI’s Waste Neutralization Systems are fully engineered, fabricated and tested in our facility.  Systems can be integrated directly with your PRI waste treatment system, or integrated into your existing process.

  • Tanks: heavy duty PE/PP/FRP or stainless alloy
  • Piping: PVC/cPVC/PE/PP/FRP or stainless alloy
  • Controls: NEMA 4 / 4X with PLC, touchscreen HMI and emergency stop
  • Instrumentation: pH, flow, and level with optional temperature
  • Precision chemical feed pumps for acid/caustic injection
  • Internal agitation/mixer
  • Flow diversion valves with recirculation loop as required
  • Operating vents – Centrifugal effluent discharge pump(s)

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