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Why Automated Parts Washing?

An automated press parts washing system can be an excellent addition to most printing operations. Adding an automated wash system can speed up the cleaning process, greatly increasing the availability of needed parts, and reducing operation downtime. Automated parts washers also free-up manual labor resources for more important operational tasks. and reduce human exposure to dangerous solvents.

Benefits of automated press parts washers include:

  • reduces liabilities associated with flammable cleaning solvents
  • reduces solvent cost and storage
  • reduces critical press parts storage – available clean parts
  • dry and vapor recovery technology maximizes efficiency
  • automatically washes, rinses and dries parts

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Effective & Precise Wash Action

Over 100 Nozzles Clean at 100 psig

The PRI Solvent Wash System is designed for effective cleaning, applying wash solution where it will be most effective at the proper spray pressures, for safe operation within the wash chamber, while not etching and destroying your parts. Our enclosed design offers:

  • over 100 jets of solvent cleaning solution
  • wash solution directed through oscillating headers
  • rinse, dry, recover and exhaust cycles ensure thorough cleaning
  • pump delivering over 100 psig, at full power in a matter of seconds

Vapor Recovery System

Maximize solvent efficiency and keep vapors away from personnel.

PRI’s Dry and Vapor Recovery System not only provides dry press-ready parts, it also greatly reduces the amount of solvent use due to VOC loss when the chamber is evacuated.

The vapor recovery system condenses the solvent gas cloud inside the washer back into reusable liquid. Washers without this feature will lose as much as 10lbs of solvent per wash cycle, while the PRI Dry and Vapor Recovery System can cut exhaust emissions per cycle to as low as 0.7 lbs depending upon the wash solvent used.

Designed for Safety

Marine-Style Door with Six-Point Lock

PRI SWS wash chambers are designed to be completely sealed during use and utilize a quick closing “Marine” style door, with a solvent-proof door seal to prevent solvent emissions from escaping the wash chamber during the wash cycle.  The door features an interlock mechanism, preventing opening when cycles are active.  Purge system ensures operators are not exposed to solvent fumes when the door is opened.

Other brand wash systems utilize an exhaust system between an interior Splash Door and the Front Door to prevent the escape of fugitive vapors leaking into the wash room area, promoting excessive loss of wash solvent whenever the washer is running.

Specially-Designed Parts Carts

PRI builds custom parts carts designed to maximize the efficiency of your wash process. Our carts make loading and unloading the system easier, and with integrated hoses and spray headers available, make the process more effective.

Our carts are application-specific, engineered to clean the unique parts that you have. Our goal will be to make the most effective use of the chemical and energy used to clean your parts. In addition, a parts cart can help operators from mis-loading or stacking parts.

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Complete Closed-Loop System

Recycle Your Wash Solvent

Our wash systems are incorporated into a complete turn-key solvent recovery and recycling solution, using a closed-loop process. In this process, spent wash solvent is collected and fed into a distillation unit, where the contaminants can be separated from the reusable solvent. Contaminants are discarded and reusable solvent is automatically fed back through your process.

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