Volumetric Filling

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Gravimetric Filling

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Drum or IBC Filling

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Two Distinct Filling Technologies

Volumetric or Gravimetric Systems

Gemini by PRI™ Filling Systems are available in either volumetric or gravimetric technologies – either using measured volumes or by a specific weight of the container. Here’s how they work:

Volumetric Filling Systems are based on a self-priming cylinder. A piston moves inside the cyclinder, and the diameter and length of the stroke are measured, determining the filling volume.

Gravimetric FIlling Systems measure the precise weight of the fill material through the use of a valve and load cell. The filling is electronically-controlled and programmed ensuring an accurate amount of product is placed in the container each time.

Paints, Coatings & Inks Industry

The paint and coatings industry requires semi and fully automatic filling machines to fill large batches into the can (sales packaging). Throughout the years Gemini has developed stand-alone filling machines and filling systems integrated into an automatic process that can combine conveyors with lid placing and closing systems. These filling machines are available in explosion proof execution. Gemini filling systems are also able to handle high viscosity products with or without granulates like putty, wall plasters etc. Special pump execution, materials of construction and valve design make Gemini systems very robust and durable.

Chemicals Industry

The chemical industry has a wide range of applications such as cleaning liquids, oils, solvents etc - all of which require a different approach. A cleaning liquid, for example, can foam greatly when filling in a bottle or can, and may require a sub-level filling lance to prevent this foaming. Additionally, chemicals like solvents can foam when filling too quickly. Chemicals may require special safety measures to guarantee a safe working place. Toxics or flammable products often require venting systems. Gemini has designed systems that accommodate all these requirements to fill safely and accurately.

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