Batch, Low Temp Option

Low resource, low cost decontamination.

The ThermoDecoN™ provides an economical solution for effluent decontamination, at facilities where costs and utility resources are a chief concern. For simplicity of maintenance and reduction of ongoing costs, ThermoDecoN™ components are available worldwide.

  • Fully automated sequential batch processing
  • High level disinfection- 10-6 B Atrophaeus/Subtilis
  • Operating capacity: 378L (100 G) to 3,028L (400 G)
  • No PLC
  • Adjustable electronic temperature control up to 96˚C (205 ˚F)
  • Adjustable electronic timer to ensure effective “hold time”
  • NEMA 4 control cabinet
  • Simple utilities: (220V / Single Phase)
  • No air, no steam, no water needed (water recommended)
  • Chemical injection port for CIP
  • Gravity discharge to sewer at < 60˚C (140 ˚F)

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Economical, Basic Process

Low pressure, passive cooling.

The ThermoDecoN™ offers a simple, easy-to-understand operation. The batch operation provides flexibility for different types of waste streams, and treats effluent in an automatic operation as the un-treated effluent is produced.

  1. Un-treated effluent enters the system from your process
  2. The effluent is heated in the Treatment Tank (<100°C)
  3. Effluent is held at temperature for the time selected by the user
  4. Once treatment is completed, effluent is transferred into cooling tank
  5. Cooled effluent is discharged by gravity

Biological Validation By Design

The ThermoDecoN™ includes design features to allow routine validation of the system. We understand the importance of a properly functioning biowaste treatment system, and that our users require routine validation. It is for these reasons that all of our biowaste treatment systems have built-in validation design features to allow staff to ensure the process is effective and leads to consistent results, without making the process cumbersome or inconvenient for you.

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Configurations & Options

The simplistic design of the ThermoDecoN™ makes modular configurations easy. Tanks include Treatment, Collection, and Cooling. At it’s smallest configuration, the Treatment Tank doubles as a Cooling Tank. Additional collection and cooling tanks can be added to accommodate larger volumes and faster processing, cooling of batches.
Other options include:

  • digital process logger with USB port
  • cooling water injection port
  • discharge/lift pump
  • sterile vent filters

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