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How Would You Characterize Your Effluent?

Before you can accurately determine the type of effluent decontamination system which would best fit your application, it is critical to understand the waste effluent you need to treat. There are a wide variety of characteristics to consider, such as solids content, viscosity, corrosiveness, and heat sensitivity.

Additionally, you should know the main source of your effluent, such as wash-down drains, sinks, showers, and necropsy labs, cell cultures, growth media waste or fermentation tanks.

Here, we go into more detail about these types of effluents, and which effluent decontamination system would work best for each.

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What's Your BSL or Lab Risk Level?

Each Bio-Safety Level has its own levels of risk, and different microorganisms of study, and in turn they will have individual implications for the effluent decontamination system. Various containment-level designs such as special filtration systems, pressure relief systems and other considerations.

PRI Bio’s Effluent Decontamination Systems take these factors into account, and are built with special considerations for high biocontainment.

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What Treatment Level Does Your Effluent Require?

Understanding the efficacy of any effluent decontamination system is the first step in selecting the proper treatment process. Different types of systems can achieve different levels of treatment and the user must evaluate the requirements and select the proper treatment level.

Several entities have outlined levels of disinfection and treatment with prescribed requirements for achieving a particular level. These guidelines with the addition of a proper Risk Assessment will direct the user to a required level of treatment for a specific application or facility.

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Know Your Volume & Mechanical Requirements?

An effluent decontamination system should be appropriately sized to handle not only your effluent type, but your daily volume and load profile throughout the day. Other factors such as redundancy, N+1, the ideal heating and cooling method for your facility, and endergy recovery need to be considered before choosing an EDS.

Additionally, we take an unbiased approach to selecting the correct effluent decontamination system for your needs. There are many different treatment technologies such as batch, continuous flow or chemical treatment. Each one is suitable for a specific client, and would not be suitable for others.

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