IBC, Drum, Tote, Pail Washer

Available in D-60 or D-40 Versions

RotaJet by PRI™ (Model D-60) IBC washer, drum washer, tote or pail washer systems are flexible to wash multiple container types. Systems are designed to deliver the highest degree of efficiency and safety. The modular nature of the machines allows customers to increase capacity by adding additional units. The systems can be manufactured to wash IBCs, then rinse and dry them, or other containers, both inside and out.


  • modular, batch system for easy expansion
  • flexible to wash IBCs, totes, drums or pails
  • automatically wash, rinse and dry
  • can wash high volumes of IBCs per daily

Cleaning Agents:

  • detergent and water
  • solvents
  • caustic solutions

Small Batch Pail Washer

Compact, small footprint for pails and small drums.

RotaJet by PRI™ (Model D-40): pail washing system is designed for low flash point flammable solvent cleaning. Dirty containers are loaded into the machine, the door is closed, and cycle started. The cleaning process is fully automated, and the containers are washed, rinsed and dried, ready for production.

  • high pressure spray cleaning
  • interior and exterior cleaning
  • wash, rinse, dry cycles
  • fume venting system
  • compact footprint
  • explosion-proof
  • pneumatic controls

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