Effective Chemical Disinfection

Minimizing the resources required.

The ChemFix™ liquid treatment system provides an effective solution for chemical effluent disinfection, at facilities where costs and utility resources are a chief concern.

  • achieves high level disinfection – inactivation of vegetative bacteria, fungi, viruses, mycobacteria, and, a 6Log10 reduction of B. Atrophaeus spores
  • minimal utilities – electric and domestic water only
  • cost-effective, non-metallic construction
  • multiple treatment chemistries available
  • process efficacy monitoring for reliable treatment

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Biological Validation By Design

Our ChemFix™ includes design features which allow routine validation of the system. We understand the importance of a properly functioning biowaste treatment system, and that our users require routine validation. It is for these reasons that all of our biowaste treatment systems have built-in validation design features to allow staff to ensure the process is effective and leads to consistent results, without making the process cumbersome or inconvenient for you.

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Simple, Safe Operation

The ChemFix™ liquid treatment system offers a simple, easy-to-understand operation. The PLC system automatically dispenses chemicals and monitors the system, minimizing human interaction.

  • batch collection, treatment and chemical storage tanks
  • CIP system for all piping and tanks prior to maintenance
  • duplex operating vent filter system protects employees (optional)
  • automatic pH balancing system managed by the PLC – will not discharge treated liquid to sewer unless pH target is achieved
  • automatic dispensing of chemicals managed by the PLC

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