The Astell SQUARE laboratory autoclave sterilizers range is available in 109, 249 and 430 liter capacities. Each is ready to accept a site steam supply (50 – 80 psi). If site steam is not available then an optional steam generator can be added. All units feature Astell’s standard color touchscreen controller with digital temperature and pressure displays, cycle selection, password security, and continuous data archived up to 5,000 cycles.

This laboratory autoclave range is designed with flexibility in mind – the inclusion of a jacketed pressure vessel and vacuum system means each autoclave is capable of sterilizing a wide variety of load types.

Applications may include the sterilization of:

  • Wrapped and unwrapped hard goods
  • Porous and non-porous hard goods
  • Liquids in unsealed open containers
  • Biohazardous waste
  • Animal feed
  • Animal bedding
  • Bowie Dick
  • Leak test

📄 Model: U-AVS109D (109 liters – chamber (W)16″ x (H)16″ x (D)26″)
📄 Model: U-AVS249D (249 liters – chamber (W)20″ x (H)20″ x (D)38″)
📄 Model: U-AVS430D (430 liters – chamber (W)26″ x (H)26″ x (D)39″)

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