The Astell Custom SQUARE MAX Range comes in capacities from 125 to 1,400 liters and is capable of sterilizing various items as standard and is upgradable to sterilize almost anything. A steam generator is fitted as standard, however direct steam models are also available at no extra cost.

The standard unit is capable of sterilizing a wide variety of items or with additional options can be upgraded to offer wider versatility. Astell can custom build the SQUARE MAX range to your specifications.

📄 Model: U-AVS125 (125 liters)
📄 Model: U-AVS216 (216 liters)
📄 Model: U-AVS250 (250 liters)
📄 Model: U-AVS360 (360 liters)
📄 Model: U-AVS490 (490 liters)
📄 Model: U-AVS612 (612 liters)
📄 Model: U-AVS735 (735 liters)
📄 Model: U-SVS875 (875 liters)
📄 Model: U-SVS1050 (1050 liters)
📄 Model: U-SVS1200 (1200 liters)
📄 Model: U-SVS1400 (1400 liters)

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