FDA Approved Benchtop Drying

Class S Autoclaves (33, 43 or 63 L)

The Astell range of ‘Closed Door Drying’ Benchtop Autoclaves are designed to offer convenience and flexibility to sterilize wrapped and unwrapped instruments.

Suitable for use in Dental and Veterinary clinics, these units offer sterilization for instruments and glassware with the added benefit of hot air drying. This type of autoclave is also sometimes referred to as a ‘Class S autoclave’ or ‘Type S autoclave’.

Instruments for sterilization could include wrapped and unwrapped metal surgical instruments, unwrapped glassware and pouched hand tools.

They are compliant with BS EN 13060:2014; ISO 9001:2015; PED 2014/68/EU; ANSI/AAMI ST55:2010 standard; FDA 510(k) approved; and are manufactured to the principles of Medical Devices Directive (93/42/EEC).

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Standard Benchtop Autoclaves

(33, 43 or 63 Liters, Ecofill or Classic)

The 33 to 63 liter front loading tabletop autoclaves are available in two versions. Both require no plumbing, and operate from a standard single phase power supply. ‘Classic’ and ‘Ecofill’ models are available.

Astell’s benchtop autoclaves have a variety of uses, being suitable for sterilizing laboratory glassware, plastic receptacles and containers, petri dishes, un-wrapped instruments, media, and occasional discard loads.

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