Astell Closed Door Drying Benchtop Autoclaves are suitable for use in Dental and Veterinary clinics, and offer sterilization for instruments and glassware with the added benefit of hot air drying. This type of autoclave is also sometimes referred to as a ‘Class S autoclave’ or ‘Type S autoclave’.

Instruments for sterilization could include wrapped and unwrapped metal surgical instruments, unwrapped glassware and pouched hand tools.

These units require no plumbing, and only a standard single phase power supply. They are compliant with BS EN 13060:2014; ISO 9001:2015; PED 2014/68/EU; ANSI/AAMI ST55:2010 standard; FDA 510(k) approved; and are manufactured to the principles of Medical Devices Directive (93/42/EEC).

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Water Conservation with Ecofill:

The Closed Door Drying autoclave range has an integral tank and an in-built water re-circulation system. Once the reservoir is filled, it provides water for steam generation and collects condensate water that is automatically returned from the chamber at the end of each cycle, allowing up to 15 cycles before refill.

Hot Air Drying:

Following the completion of a sterilization cycle, filtered air is circulated through the autoclave chamber by an efficient air pump, rapidly drying each load. The chamber door remains closed throughout.

Touchscreen Controller:

Astell’s standard 5.7″ color touchscreen is easy to use and fully automatic, featuring an integrated USB data port and data archiving for up to 5,000 previously run cycles. Users can program and store up to 4 additional customized cycles within the controller.

Circular chamber shelf rack, two wire shelves and one pouch rack included.

📄 Model: UMB220 (33 liters)
📄 Model: UMB230 (43 liters)
📄 Model: UMB240 (63 liters)

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