Astell benchtop ‘Ecofill’ units are one of the most energy efficient autoclaves available. The pressure vessel design ensures the absolute minimum amount of water is used during a sterilization cycle, which not only means comparably low power consumption, but also very quick heating and cooling.

A benchtop autoclave has a variety of uses, being suitable for sterilizing laboratory glassware, plastic receptacles and containers, petri dishes, un-wrapped instruments, media, and occasional discard loads.

It is common for compact benchtop sterilizer autoclaves to be used in scientific research, process manufacturing, veterinary and medical healthcare industries.

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Available in Ecofill or Classic Models


Ecofill benchtop autoclave:
The ‘Ecofill’ version has an integral reservoir and an in-built water re-circulation system. Once the reservoir is filled, this provides water for up to 15 cycles, and also acts as a collection vessel for condensate and the water that is automatically returned from the chamber at the end of each cycle, minimizing water usage.

Classic benchtop autoclave:

The ‘Classic’ version requires manual water-fill and during the cycle condensate leaves the vessel via a silicone tube that can be connected to a heat-resistant bottle.

📄 Model: UMB220 Ecofill (33 liters)
📄 Model: UMB420 Classic Fill (33 liters)
📄 Model: UMB230 Ecofill (43 liters)
📄 Model: UMB430 Classic Fill (43 liters)
📄 Model: UMB240 Ecofill (63 liters)
📄 Model: UMB440 Classic Fill (63 liters)

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